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Italy has been the main fashion industry and the integral part of the Country’s economy. Since the 11th Century, Italy has indulged in the manufacturing and export of fashionable clothing trends. From designing, tailoring to selling the best quality piece of cloth. As a clothing designing industry, Italian managed to provide tailoring  and great hand craftsmanship services. 

Italian sneakers provide better comfort than any other country’s manufacturers. Because Italian workers put dedication in their work. They do hard work with quality results. Thus people trust their hand works more than any other manufacturing machines. 

There are many small and large brands available in Italy. Some are local brands which are locally famous within the province. Italian people believe in purchasing Italian brands and help their people to grow their business. 

So let’s see the following list of Italian Sneaker’s Brand –

1. Diadora

In 1948, Diadora started creating awesome work boots, and hiking boots for outdoor enthusiasts. Later in 1970, Diadora jumped into the sports market and started creaking sports boots or footwears. In order to grow as a great footwear brand in Italy, they used the best marketing strategy. They did celebrity endorsements to sell their brand. They chose one of the best tennis players of all time , Bjorn Borg. The company signed the advertisement contract with him and he became the brand ambassador of their sports footwear.

These Diadora easygoing shoes would make an incredible expansion to any closet. They are adaptable, reasonable, quality-made, and arrive in an assortment of tones and plans.

From that point forward, you would see Diadora sports shoes on sports players, all things considered, including b-ball, soccer, track, and in any event, hustling, when their flame resistant shoe was delivered.

The Diadora brand keeps on making astonishing games footwear for everyone that will assist your presentation in any action you want to do at a reasonable cost.

2. Fila

Fila is originally from Biella, Italy. In 1911 they started making long underwears fro the people living in the cold Italian regions. The CEOs never imagined that they would become famous as sports clothing icons. Similar to Diadora, they also used Bjorn Borg as their brand ambassador for marketing their sports products.

Fila is famous for its comfortability, flexibility and quality sports clothes and sneakers.Fila Korea now acquired Fila. The best thing is even though it is a big sports clothing brand, they offer their products on a budget. They have absolutely different styles and colors.

3. Hogan

In 1986, Hogan was initiated as a brand. But it wasn’t famous for sneakers until today. But now their sneakers are very much loved. Initially, they started selling good quality leather handbags and accessories too. In 1995, for the first time they launched a sports sneaker which was originally made from leather uppers and rubber soles. This product was a great success. These shoes were made for solace as well as intended to stun.

Presently Hogan shoes should be visible strolling the roads overall produced using the best leathers and softened cowhide with astonishing shadings and astounding plans.

4. Kappa

In 1978 in Turin, the Kappa brand began to offer athletic apparels and footwears. It was founded by aman named Marco Boglione. His dream was to embrace the way of life and blend streetwear with athletic apparel, making a unique age look. Kappa shoes are purely vegan. As they are not made from any leather materials. Kappa has several official sponsors. Kappa provides kits to professional football teams in Europe.

It is now a leading brand in sportswear and lifestyle worldwide. The Kappa brand offers contemporary and urban style clothes and footwear. Kappa sneaker products made from synthetic materials. These sneakers are for running and outdoor activities. If you are a runner or an athlete it is the best choice you can choose for your running activities. It is now leading its products towards street fashion. Kappa provides unique style and colorful sneakers, sport shoes as well as sandals. 

5. Lotto Sport Italia

Lotto Sport Italia started its journey from a small town in the province of Treviso, Italy. It expanded its sneakers brand to sportswear products too. Gradually it became another sneaker brand in Italy. In the 1980s, Lottos made an introduction in the World Cup soccer occasion, brandishing Italy’s star goalkeeper.

Over the course of the time but not many years, Lotto sports shoes were witnessed in numerous excellent games around the world. Also seen in any event, strolling down the runways in Milan’s worldwide style shows.

6. Moreschi

Moreschi was found by a man name as Mario moreschi. It as a brand started its journey in 1947. In 1947 Moreschi decided to start selling 100% Italian made footwear. It provides luxury shoes and handbags for both male and females. His vision didn’t stop here, it is running and moving forward till now through his three grandsons. Moreschi has maintained its quality of making and the detailing work made it big.

Moreschi gives the sneakers a luxury look which lures the buyer and comforts with confidence. It is pricey but it is available with varieties of colors and designs. Their dream of providing quality shoes with comfort and durability has achieve. 

This brand is utilise by many famous personalities. Thus they have great demand and many businesses from lit Dj’s to International Financiers sell them. Moreschi’s craftsmen are very much skilled and have high experience. The shoe is finalise with the help of the designer team along with the technicians. They agree upon the same decision of making a notable piece with perfect shapes, colours and sizes. Though the shoes are light but full of swagness as per the modern style and look. 

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