Fabulous Italian Fashion and their Designers

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About fashion designer’s work

Fashion designers are very passionate about their work. They brought the clothing and fashion industry revolution from the early decade. Fashion Designers brought a wide storm of amazing designs which are admired by the glamorous world. They have done a commendable job making creative and fascinating design varieties. Each design is carefully crafted according to the generation’s need and style. 

They sometimes have challenges to create unique cloth designs. Like bathing suits to evening gowns. Fashion designers need to invest their skills in every phase of the designing process. The designing process includes Firstly designing or sketching, showing , producing all types of clothes. 

Fashion Designing Career

Fashion Designers start their career as assistant designers, pattern makers and pattern graders. But mostly average fashion designers start with sketching the cloth design. Because of digitalization more of their work of sketching is done in adobe or other pc sketch editing software. Fashion designers’ job is to create a normal kind of generally used cloth style and also designing for new creative clothes. 

Many Fashion Designers start by specializing in a particular area of fashion.Most of them go for some fashion institute courses or degrees. Some fashion designers gain their designing experience based on the expertise level they had when they were working in a designing firm. If the designing firm is small then the level of knowledge in such designers would not meet the actual market. The levels of different aspects of design and production will be low compared to large firms. Thus, if the designer has gained experience from large designing firms then he/ she may have that level of knowledge and can compete in the actual market. So such large firms have the position of lead designers only. Lead designers are responsible for making a final product, They take care from creating designs, colors, fabrics and other technicalities of designs if needed. 

Other high-style creators sell their designs in their own retail locations or take care of specialty stores or high-fashion retail chains. Some fashion creators work in costume designs for performing arts, movie, and TV creations. The costume designers and fashion designers are kind of similar in the working process. Many fashion designers work for long hours to meet deadlines. They prepare for live fashion shows which are telecast on TV. Fashion designers have tremendous pressure to complete the design as soon as possible. They try on men and women to get different outfits. So that to impress or fear the others/audience.

About Clothes

Fashion designers need to design the clothes in such a way that the wearing person should radiate his/ her own self persona. Because clothes are the medium to show the observer about your attire and self persona or your true form. The wearing person should be able to impress the observer in the minds of the observer. Yourself expression should come out of your clothes when someone sees you. 

There are two standard types of clothing market in the fashion industry. 

  • First one is Ready to wear clothes. The mass market caters to a wide range of costomers, and produces large quantities of ready to wear clothes. 
  • And another one is a small specific group of fashion markets which needs uniquely designed clothes for some professional usages. 

There are various pros and cons in both the markets. The ready to wear clothes have high demands as all kinds of common people wish to purchase them . The daily jobbers and workers are the kind of population this market has.  The specific designing clothes market is for the professionals like who are influencers or gong for live telecasts. Because their wearing style and fashion need to have an impact on others as an actor or influencer. Such people are small in the market but are highly gets appreciate once they wear such uniquely specifically designed clothes. 

Renowned Italian fashion designers

The Gucci designer name is Alessandro Michele who is a Fashion designer. He started his journey from 1994 and til now it is proceeding further at great pace. Gucci was born on 25th November 1972 in Rome of Italy. He is the creative Director of Gucci.

Gucci is the most famous clothing brand around the world. Those who wear Gucci clothes are regards as rich and receive great respect and appreciation from the peers and also in the business world. The National Brand Score of the label Gucci is 170.64 points in 2021. Later came the Prada with 158.72 points and Dolce & Gabbana was third with 97.3 points. Gucci as a label has grown and maintained its brand value. It is because of staying loyal to Italian culture or Heritage and the quality manufacturing process. 

Other Italian fashion designers

The famous and known fashion designers of all time are Valentino , Grianfranco Ferre, Giorgio Armani and Gianni Versace and Dolce & Gabbana. They all are great for their unique and specific talent gets visualise in their designs. 

  • Valentino is famous for his ‘Rosso Valentino’. 
  • Ferre is famous for his ‘boldly cut with brightly colour clothes ’. 
  • Giorgio Armani is famous for his subtle masculine style for both men and women.
  • Gianni is known for his beautifully cut leather wear. 
  • Dolce & Gabbana is famous for its edgy and modern appeal.

Many people who have these brands in their closet are grateful in life. Most people cannot afford these brands. The buying percentage is very small for such high value brands. Thus fashion designers have great influence on all age groups of people. Even though you are not wearing such branded designer’s clothes , you are somehow under the influence of local or general cloth designers. As all clothes which people wear for daily chores are design by some or the other fashion designer only.

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